E-Cigarettes: Safer Doesn't Make it Safe

E-Cigarettes: The Big ? Youth might think vaping is “safe” because there’s no tobacco. Unfortunately, we just don’t know that for a fact. And it might be years before we really understand the long-term damage vaping can do to your body. We do know some things about e-cigs, though. And they might surprise you. And disgust you. And possibly freak you out a little. Or a lot. Whatever you call them, don’t call them safe. Vaporizers. Cloud pens. E-hookahs. E-cigarettes. Vaping devices go by many names. What you call them doesn’t matter. What matters is they can fill your lungs with carcinogens, and they’re illegal if you’re under 18. Don’t be a guinea pig. When tobacco cigarettes first came out

Coalition Spotlight: Meet SUP Coalition Program Director, Roxanne Schreder

Crime Prevention Deputy at Sherburne County Sheriff's Office Member since its inception in 2012 Q: In your opinion, what are you most proud of that the SUP Coalition has done or is working on? R: I am extremely proud of the strides taken with our Youth Leadership Councils in the various schools, and the opportunity to continue to build upon that further this year. We have some amazing teens in our midst that will not only change their futures by involving themselves in the SUP coalition and its vision, but will help countless others through their modeling of leadership skills, courage to do the right thing, and service for their fellow peers and community. Q: What is one tip you have for

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