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Coalition Spotlight: Meet SUP Coalition Program Director, Roxanne Schreder

Crime Prevention Deputy at Sherburne County Sheriff's Office

Member since its inception in 2012

Q: In your opinion, what are you most proud of that the SUP Coalition has done or is working on? R: I am extremely proud of the strides taken with our Youth Leadership Councils in the various schools, and the opportunity to continue to build upon that further this year. We have some amazing teens in our midst that will not only change their futures by involving themselves in the SUP coalition and its vision, but will help countless others through their modeling of leadership skills, courage to do the right thing, and service for their fellow peers and community. Q: What is one tip you have for parents/caring adults in terms of prevention? R: As we begin further outreach to our parents and guardians, I would encourage the “Talk Early, Talk Often” approach that will also be promoted by the SUP Coalition in the upcoming months. If you pay attention to your surroundings, news headlines, commercials/ads, and the questions or comments youth verbalize, you will find numerous opportunities to discuss substance use prevention and promote healthy living among our youth. Even better if these discussions take place in a moving vehicle – there is little chance at escape. :) Q: What do you do in your spare time? Provide a fun fact about yourself. R: Spare time? What is that? We are a very busy family, with Andy and I having been blessed with three wonderful boys, ages 13, 11, 7 who are all active in their schools and faith communities.We own a small hobby farm that has a dog, four pigs (until fall, that is), and numerous laying chickens. Efforts are underway to add grass fed beef to our homestead as well. We also own a small business that takes us to various craft fairs in Central Minnesota, where our children also learn the value of hard work, communication, and pride in workmanship. A fun fact, at least for us as parents, is that there is no screen time (unless school-related) for our children on school days except for Friday Night Family Movie Nights. As a parent, you may think this is impossible to accomplish, however, it can be done! We have had this unwritten rule at our house for at least three years and our family has benefited from it tremendously. With school beginning in a few short weeks, try it – you might like it!

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