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Get Involved

You can get involved in the following ways:
  • Attend monthly coalition meetings.  This is a great way to meet other coalition members and learn about our current projects.
  • Join the coalition listserv to receive information about substance abuse prevention news and latest research, updates on the SUP Coalition, and upcoming volunteer opportunities.
  • Participate on established Teams and/or Task Force Groups:
    • Communications: Work on marketing and media strategies for the coalition
    • Data Analysis: Collect, analyze, interpret, and report data on an ongoing basis
    • Parent Education: Work on interventions that target involving, educating, and engaging parents in substance prevention tactics
    • Task Force Groups: Initiated as needed to further a specific outreach or activity within the strategic action plan of the coalition
  • Volunteer for events and activities hosted by the SUP Coalition or Youth Leadership Councils.
  • Offer your skills if you specialize in areas like:
    • Media and Marketing
    • Fundraising
    • Grant Writing
    • Public Speaking
  • Contact the SUP Coalition if you have questions or would like to chat about our work.
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