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E-Cigarettes: Safer Doesn't Make it Safe

E-Cigarettes: The Big ?

Youth might think vaping is “safe” because there’s no tobacco. Unfortunately, we just don’t know that for a fact. And it might be years before we really understand the long-term damage vaping can do to your body.

We do know some things about e-cigs, though. And they might surprise you. And disgust you. And possibly freak you out a little. Or a lot.

Whatever you call them, don’t call them safe.

Vaporizers. Cloud pens. E-hookahs. E-cigarettes. Vaping devices go by many names. What you call them doesn’t matter. What matters is they can fill your lungs with carcinogens, and they’re illegal if you’re under 18.

Don’t be a guinea pig.

When tobacco cigarettes first came out, everyone thought they were pretty safe too. Whoops. Now we know better. Vaping hasn’t been well-studied yet, so all we have is a question mark.

No tobacco. Does that make them safe?

Not quite. E-cigarettes can still be highly addictive, and while you never know exactly what you’re vaping, there can be a whole lot more than water in that vapor. Including nicotine and a lot of the same chemicals found in old-fashioned deadly tobacco cigarettes.

Source: Not So Safe

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