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Having a Safe and Healthy Homecoming

Football games and homecoming dances are part of nearly every teen's life this time of year.

These are great opportunities for teens to socialize with their peers and get involved at their school. This also means late nights and potential risky situations for teens, including parties where adults are providing alcohol.

It's important for communities to come together to provide safe and healthy environments for the teens that live there.

Parent Tips for Homecoming

Share these tips with other parents in your community to ensure a safe Homecoming season.

  • Discuss expectations about alcohol with your teen. Studies show that teens are far less likely to drink if parents make a clear statement that drinking alcohol is unacceptable.

  • Host an alcohol-free event. Provide your teen and their friends a safe and fun place to go after football games or homecoming.

  • Get to know your teen's friends and their parents. If you know your teen is attending a party after Homecoming, contact the host's parents. Don't be afraid to ask questions about alcohol in the house.

  • Offer to drive or get a limo for Homecoming. Not only will you prevent your teen from getting in the car with an intoxicated driver, but it will also take away other risky behavior, including distracted driving.

  • Be available. Let your teen know that you are available by text or phone call at any point in the night if they need to be picked up.

There are plenty of things that communities can do, whether it's by informing parents of social host laws or hosting safe and drug free events after events such as homecoming. Utilize Talk Early, Talk Often resources to help drive home the message that teen drinking and other drug use is unsafe, unhealthy, and unacceptable.

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