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Hidden in Plain Sight

An initiative to help parents and caregivers spot signs of risky behaviors. 

Teen Room

    Photo courtesy of Hazelden

Would you recognize signs of youth alcohol use or other drug use in your home?

Hidden in Plain Sight is designed to help parents and caregivers spot signs of high-risk behaviors such as substance abuse, eating disorders, and other mental health concerns.

This interactive display of a teenager’s bedroom contains items that could indicate a young person might be involved in risky activities.  Parents and other caring adults can learn how to spot warning signs and get tips for communicating with their teens.   

You can view the exhibit during school and community events and/or view the interactive display below to learn about the items that could be "hidden in plain sight" in your teen's room.  Check the calendar for upcoming events.  The in-person exhibit is only for adults ages 21 and older.  


Drugs + Your Kids: Learning to Recognize the Signs 
The drug culture is constantly changing.  Through this educational video, the Department of Public Safety hopes to help parents recognize the signs of teen drug use.

    Photo courtesy of Hazelden

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