Why is it important to promote safe medication practices in our community? It’s true that prescription medications can help us live longer and healthier lives, but any medication has the potential to do harm—especially when misused. In fact, the misuse of prescription medications has become a serious public health epidemic. Millions of Americans misuse prescription medications each month, and thousands do so for the first time every day. The good news is that we can prevent prescription drug misuse by promoting safe medication practices in our homes and communities.

Safe Medication Practices:
• Only use medications as directed by a healthcare provider
• Never share prescription medications with others or take someone else’s medication
• Keep medications safe by storing them in secure locations
• Dispose of expired or unwanted medications at a local drug disposal site   

Source: GenerationRx, 2016


Disposing of Medications:

The best way to ensure that unused or expired medications do not contaminate the environment or get into the wrong hands is to safely dispose of them through the Drug Disposal Program.

Feel free to share the following flyer at your place of business to spread awareness about the importance of safely disposing of your prescription medications.  

Use one of four drug disposal boxes located throughout Sherburne County Area

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