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Sticker Shock

 Sticker Shock is a community awareness activity designed to remind people 21 and older that it is unacceptable and illegal to provide alcohol to underage individuals.  


Youth and adult participants involved in Sticker Shock place stickers and bottle hangers on alcoholic beverages that might appeal to underage drinkers with a warning message about the penalties for providing alcohol to anyone under 21.  


Retail stores make a profit from selling alcohol.  This activity allows them to help prevent problems by trying to reach those adults who buy alcohol legally and give it to kids.

In May/June of 2022, we had 11 businesses participate in our Sticker Shock Campaign.  This activity is typically conducted prior to prom and graduation season as celebrations with alcohol are common and can turn dangerous for underage drinkers. 

The following businesses participated in our 2022 Sticker Shock Campaign: 

  • Beck's Pub and G-Will Liquors in Becker 

  • Briggs Lake Liquor in Palmer Township 

  • Lake Liquors in Big Lake

  • Northbound Liquor and Westbound Liquor in Elk River

  • O'Brothers Wine & Spirits in Clear Lake

  • P&A Liquor and Uptown Offsale in Zimmerman

  • Rogers Wines & Spirits in Rogers 

  • Sand Dunes Spirits in Orrock Township 


Big thanks to these businesses for supporting your community and helping to keep our youth safe!  

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