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A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents

Parents will do almost anything to keep their children safe, but communicating with youth becomes more challenging as they get older. That’s why you should talk to your children about alcohol and other drugs early. It’s a conversation that you need to have because drugs can ruin your child’s life.

Every year, millions of teens try alcohol, marijuana or tobacco products for the first time. Most of them won’t get caught. They won’t get in a car accident, and they won’t become addicted. But a significant portion of them will, and the consequences can be devastating.

You can keep your children from becoming a statistic by being involved in their lives, having honest conversations with them and practicing what you preach.

Some parents, despite their best efforts, will have a child who develops a substance use disorder. That doesn’t mean the parent or child has failed. Helping a child recover from addiction is just one of the many challenges parents might face.

Learn About Teen Drug Use

As kids get older, they often start to question the life lessons they hear from parents and teachers. They become more heavily influenced by the things they see on TV, the internet and social media. Teens listen to what their peers say, and they pay attention to what celebrity role models do. As a result, they get mixed messages, and they have to determine which information to believe.

Anti-drug messages such as “just say no” aren’t effective. Teens need concrete reasons to avoid alcohol and other drugs. They need facts and evidence. Parents have to know what they’re talking about if they want their children to listen.

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