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How old is your child?

2 to 4 Year Old
Since the foundation for all healthy habits — from nutrition to toothbrushing— is laid down during the preschool years, this is a great time to set the stage for a drug-free life.

5 to 8 Year Old
5-to-8-year olds are still tied to family and eager to please but they're also beginning to explore their individuality.

9 to 12 Year Old
Preteens: They're on a quest to figure out their place in the world. When it comes to the way they view that world, they tend to give their friends' opinions a great deal of power while, at the same time, they're starting to question their parents' views and messages.
Transitions: The First Year of Middle School

You've been anticipating this for the past few years — your child's transition from elementary school to middle school. Be warned, this is a critical time and calls for extra vigilance on your part.

13 to 15 Year Old

For parents, this is a pivotal time in helping kids make positive choices when faced with drugs and alcohol.

16 to 18 Year Old

When it comes to drugs, teens are a savvy bunch. Drugs and messages about living drug-free have been part of their lives for years.

If You Think They’re Using: Drug Abuse in Teens 13-18

If you're at all concerned that your teenager is using drugs or alcohol, take action right now to help your child get back on track to a healthy life.

19 to 25 Year Old

As you prepare your child for life after high school you can help guide them to a healthy experience.

If You Think They’re Using: Young Adults 19-25

The most important step you can take in addiction intervention for an adult is to speak up and urge them to get help.

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