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Fall Dream Fest

Over 100 Becker High School students enjoyed free food, games and beautiful weather at the Dream Team Fall Kickoff last Saturday at Kolbinger Park.

The Dream (Drug Related Education Awareness Mentors) Team is a student group that supports teens who choose to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol.

The Becker Community Center donated the use of Kolbinger Park as well as many indoor and outdoor games to show support for and to partner with the Dream Team.

The team was founded during the summer of 2015 by students Megan Peterson, Rachael Tauer and Macy Eigen, along with parent advisors, Heather Eigen and Mike Tauer and Assistant Principal Mark Kolbinger.

The program is part of the Sherburne County Substance Use Prevention Coalition and the teacher advisor for the Dream Team is Jan Lefebvre.

So far at Becker High School, over 300 current students have signed the Dream Team pledge to avoid the use of alcohol and drugs. The team plans to continue offering positive events and educational outreach to students who want to make healthy choices.

This year’s student organizers were Tyler Lindquist, Megan Peterson, Macy Eigen, Sydney Stommes and Marlee Louden.

This article was published in the Citizen-Tribune. See article here.

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