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Coalition Spotlight: Meet Coalition Member, Amy Tompkins

Special Education Teacher - Elk River School District Member since 2015

Q: What was the experience or motivating factor that compelled you to join the SUP Coalition? A: One of the first SUP activities I attended was “Hidden In Plain Sight"; it was an eye opener and a good tool to increase awareness about the issue of youth substance use in our community. It’s a very difficult subject to address, but something that cannot be ignored. When families are faced with concerns, they don’t know what to do or where to turn. I like that SUP works on prevention but also offers training, support, and resources for parents and other concerned community members who want to help. The issue with teen substance use may start with an individual but it spreads into the family, schools, and surrounding community; it can tear us apart or bring us closer together. I believe if we are united we can win the war on drugs in our community. Q: What excites you about the SUP Coalition and its work? A: The idea of prevention and providing positive activities to get teens involved. If the youth take ownership for the well-being of their schools and communities, and become positive role models, great things can happen. I’m also impressed with the collaboration of community members involved with the SUP committee. It’s an amazing group of people. Q: What do you do in your spare time? Provide a fun fact about yourself. A: Our family has an RV and we like to travel in the summer. We’ve seen many places and created lasting memories along the way.

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