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SUP Coalition Meeting Minutes

MARCH 2018

Sherburne County Substance Use Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2018

9:00 a.m.

Sherburne County Government Center Board Room 


Coalition Members Present: 

Roxanne Schreder, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Pim, Sherburne County Attorney’s Office

Amy Halvorson, Sherburne County Community Corrections

Jenilee Telander, Regional Prevention Coordinator

Dan Bradley, Sherburne County Community Corrections

Victoria Holbert, Retired Resident

Dan Bradley called the meeting to order at approximately 9:05 a.m.  Introductions were made.


Dan requested approval of the minutes from the February 21, 2018 meeting.  Jennifer Pim made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Angie Charboneau-Folch.  All were in favor.


Dan asked for any additions or changes to the proposed agenda, none were made.  Roxanne Schreder made a motion to approve the agenda, which was seconded by Eric Balabon.  All were in favor.


Consent Agenda

Financial update was completed by Roxanne:

  • Of the current budget of $135,548.22, we have $82,029.94 remaining in the grant.

  • Current in-kind donations documented through March 2018: $81,915.29


Roxanne reminded everyone to send in their monthly output logs to her. 


House Cleaning Items

Roxanne went over two house cleaning items:


1. Coalition Involvement Agreements (CIAs): She asked that members fill out and submit CIAs to Alicia by our next meeting on Wednesday, April 18. 

  • As just a reminder, the CIA outlines the expectations of the Coalition as well as for you as a member. We fill these out on an annual basis. If you have any questions on the CIA, please contact Alicia. Although a formal document (and a grant requirement), we want you to be comfortable with what you are signing.

  • Please submit them to Alicia through email, by fax (#763-441-7303), or bring to the coalition meeting on 4/18.  The CIA is also available on the Google Drive


2. Meeting Logistics Survey: Roxanne reminded members that we reevaluate our meeting date, time, length, and location each year to ensure it still works for the majority.


Roxanne advised that our April meeting will remain on the 18th, regardless of the survey results. If changes are recommended, they will come into effect for our May meeting.   

Sticker Shock

Dan provided a recap of Sticker Shock.  He advised that 7 businesses participated in 2016 and 9 participated in 2017.  A discussion was had on: 

  • How to approach retailers that haven’t participated in the past. 

    • It was decided that letters would be sent to the following four businesses: Frontier Liquor (Zimmerman), The Cave Wine & Spirits, Jubilee Liquor, and Good Spirits & Smoke (Becker).  Alicia will send the letters.

  • Updated Sticker and Bottle Hanger.  Members approved design.

    • The only change made from 2017 to 2018 was the “tag line”.  It was changed from “SAVE $3,000” back to “THINK TWICE” using retailer feedback.    

  • Volunteers to approach liquor retailers to participate in Sticker Shock by April 6. 

    • Sign-up sheet was passed around.  We still need volunteers to approach: P&A Liquor (Zimmerman) and Brigg’s Lake Liquor (Clear Lake – Palmer). Sign-up on the Google Drive.

    • Retailers can decide if their Sticker Shock event will be a prom or graduation initiative.

  • Certificate of Appreciation and newspaper ads.

    • Members were in agreement to continue both of these efforts.


Dan advised that all Sticker Shock materials are available on the Google Drive.


Be Real Campaign

Alicia shared updates on the student campaign, Be Real, including the Sherburne County Be Real collaboration video available here.  A discussion was had on:

  • Be Real Spring Event on distracted driving/impaired driving using pedal car and marijuana/alcohol goggles.

    • Members suggested doing similar events during health classes.  They also recommended having students perform activities without the goggles first so they can differentiate between the effects before and after.

    • Alicia advised that a strategic planning meeting is going to be held in April or May to help plan for student activities next year.  If you are interested in assisting, please let her know.


Hidden in Plain Sight Exhibit

Roxanne advised that the coalition ordered a new 8ft. retractable banner that depicts a teenage bedroom.  The banner can be used in place of an actual bedroom, which will make it more manageable for volunteers and in smaller spaces.  She also advised that Sherburne County Health and Human Services purchased and donated a vape hoodie for the exhibit.


Roxanne mentioned a couple of upcoming opportunities for the exhibit, including the Support Your Local Heroes event on May 19 and the Sherburne County Fair from July 19 – 22.  If you are interested in having the exhibit at your agency and/or during a specific event, please contact Alicia.


Information Sharing/Agency Updates

We were unable to do agency updates due to time constraints.  If you have something you would like to share, please let Alicia know and she can share it with the coalition.


The regular meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 18 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center.

Alicia Maxwell, SUP Coalition Coordinator

Eric Balabon, Elk River Police Department

Paul Hickerson, Becker Police Department

Angie Charboneau-Folch, Big Lake High School

Lori Irwin, Tri-CAP

Marsha Reinking, RSVP Volunteer

Minutes from previous coalition meetings are available upon request.
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