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SUP Coalition Meeting Minutes


Sherburne County Substance Use Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2018

9:00 a.m.

Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center


Coalition Members Present: 

Roxanne Schreder, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office

Amanda Martin, Sherburne County HHS

Jennifer Pim, Sherburne County Attorney’s Office

Joy Nadeau, Sherburne County Area United Way

Amy Halvorson, Sherburne County Community Corrections

Francine Kosse, Fairview Health Services

Lisa Fobbe, Sherburne County Commissioner

Jenilee Telander, Regional Prevention Coordinator

Amber Jochem, MN Adult and Teen Challenge

Danielle Gessell, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office

Roxanne Schreder called the meeting to order at approximately 9:05 a.m.  Introductions were made.


Roxanne requested approval of the minutes from the December 20, 2017 meeting.  Francine Kosse made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Joy Nadeau.  All were in favor.


Roxanne asked for any additions or changes to the proposed agenda, none were made.  Francine made a motion to approve the agenda, which was seconded by Lisa Fobbe.  All were in favor.


Consent Agenda

Financial update was completed by Roxanne:

  • Of the current budget of $135,548.22, we have $106,363.32 remaining in the grant.

  • Current in-kind donations documented through January 2018: $40,545.06


Roxanne reminded everyone to send in their monthly output logs to her. 


Talk Early, Talk Often Campaign

Alicia advised that we will be re-launching the Talk Early, Talk Often Campaign this spring.  The messaging will be marijuana-specific and geared towards parents and other caring adults.   She provided a recap of what was done with the campaign last year. 


TETO Outreach

  • Newspaper Ads/News Releases: Published ads/releases from Feb. – Aug.

  • Social Media (Facebook): Shared ad and videos (reached over 54,000 people with boosting ad/videos; over 22,400 videos views)

  • Elk River Cinema – 30 second trailer was played at theater during June and July. Trailer played 3,614 times between June and July to a total attendance of 51,064.

  • Poster Distribution: 150 (11x17) posters to 23+ businesses 

  • Billboards: 2 were produced (2/1/17 – 1 year contract)

  • Parent Resource Bags: Distributed 465 bags to 7 middle schools in Sherburne County 

  • Promo Items: magnets/notepads, chip clips, stadium seats

We will continue to work with Community BluePrint to assist with campaign development.  Alicia asked about the length of the campaign and suggested running it from March through June so we have an actual end date to help with evaluation efforts.  Members were in agreement.  Alicia also mentioned surveying both students and parents to help evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and to identify areas of improvement.  She asked for suggestions on how to survey parents and students, in addition to using the schools.  It was suggested to run the surveys through social media using polling options, and possibly offer an incentive.  Alicia will have students review the student survey and Roxanne, Ashley, and Francine volunteered to review the adult survey to provide feedback.   


Alicia asked for feedback on the billboard design, which will also be downsized into newspaper/social media ads.  Discussion was had about the design. 

Prescription Drug Task Force

Jennifer Pim advised that several agencies convened together as a ‘Prescription Drug Task Force’ to strategize ways to combat prescription drug misuse and abuse in Sherburne County.  Discussion was had on whom to target the message to and what the message should be.  They are looking to potentially focus on 18-24 year olds who are using as well as getting information to parents.  An idea discussed during the meeting was filming a video series.  Jenilee Telander cautioned against filming another video series since we already have the Talk Early, Talk Often video series.  Jenilee suggested getting into contact with the Morrison County Prescription Drug Task Force to learn more about their strategies and the outcomes they have achieved. 


Sticker Shock

Roxanne provided a recap of Sticker Shock.  She asked for feedback on continuing this strategy.  She advised that 7 businesses participated in 2016 and 9 participated in 2017.  All agreed that it should be done again and it was suggested to alternate events or give the establishments a choice on when they would prefer to do it – prom or graduation time.  Margaret Genung from Uptown Off-Sale in Zimmerman is on the coalition and would be willing to provide input on the hangers/stickers.  Discussion will continue at upcoming meetings.

Information Sharing/Agency Updates

  • Jennifer spoke with the juvenile prosecutor who advised she has seen an influx in her caseloads regarding pills.  She also had a LSD case and a juvenile whose drug of choice was fentanyl.


  • Roxanne advised that Be Real filming with students is tomorrow at Zimmerman High School.


  • The SUP Youth Leadership Retreat is on February 19, 2018 (President’s Day).


  • The DFC Grant continuation due date is January 29, 2018.

The regular meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 21 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sherburne County Board Room.

Kasey Mol, CMMHC

Victoria Holbert, Retired Resident

Melissa Cribb, CMMHC

Ashley Nieland, TXT4Life

Alicia Maxwell, SUP Coalition Coordinator

Amanda Larson, Sherburne County HHS

Jolene Fitch, St. Cloud School District

2 Rogers Students (Ellie, McKade)

2 Spectrum Students (Lauren, Lexi)

Minutes from previous coalition meetings are available upon request.
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