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SUP Coalition Meeting Minutes


Sherburne County Substance Use Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2018

9:00 a.m.

Sherburne County Government Center Board Room 


Coalition Members Present: 

Roxanne Schreder, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office

Amanda Martin, Sherburne County HHS

Jennifer Pim, Sherburne County Attorney’s Office

Joy Nadeau, Sherburne County Area United Way

Amy Halvorson, Sherburne County Community Corrections

Francine Kosse, Fairview Health Services

Lisa Fobbe, Sherburne County Commissioner

Jenilee Telander, Regional Prevention Coordinator

Dan Bradley, Sherburne County Community Corrections

Additional Attendees Present:

Judith Ettesvold, Gavin Hein, Lori Irwin, Ryan Broich, Kathleen Heaney



Dan Bradley called the meeting to order at approximately 9:05 a.m.  Introductions were made.


Dan requested approval of the minutes from the January 17, 2018 meeting.  Roxanne Schreder made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Jennifer Pim.  All were in favor.


Dan asked for any additions or changes to the proposed agenda, none were made.  Francine Kosse made a motion to approve the agenda, which was seconded by Eric Balabon.  All were in favor.


Consent Agenda

Financial update was completed by Molly and Roxanne:

  • Of the current budget of $135,548.22, we have $93,449.29 remaining in the grant.

  • Current in-kind donations documented through February 2018: $53,136.18


Roxanne reminded everyone to send in their monthly output logs to her. 


Morrison County Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Presenters: Kathy Lange, Director of CHI St. Gabriel’s Health Foundation and Sheila Watercott, Project Coordinator of the Stand Up 4 U Coalition in Little Falls.


The Morrison County Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention mission is to create a supportive, healthy, and safe Morrison County community by reducing opioid abuse and addiction through multi-agency collaboration and communication.


Kathy and Sheila discussed the opioid strategies they have employed in their community and the outcomes they have achieved.  Their PowerPoint presentation and opioid handout are available on the Google Drive


Information Sharing/Agency Updates

  • Alicia advised that we need volunteers to help distribute Talk Early, Talk Often posters. The poster distribution list is located on the Google Drive. Sign-up here.  Please contact Alicia to pick-up posters.


  • Alicia also advised members and other interested individuals to contact her if they are interested in joining Sherburne County’s Prescription Drug Task Force.


The regular meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 21 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center.

Alicia Maxwell, SUP Coalition Coordinator

Eric Balabon, Elk River Police Department

Jayme Swenson, Parent

Paul Hickerson, Becker Police Department

Angie Charboneau-Folch, Big Lake High School

Jolene Fitch, St. Cloud School District

Molly Hanson, Elk River YMCA

Bryan Scherr, Elk River School District

Troy Bondy, TimberBay

Minutes from previous coalition meetings are available upon request.
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