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SUP Coalition Meeting Minutes

MARCH 2017

Sherburne County Substance Use Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2017

9:00 a.m.

Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center


Coalition Members Present: 

Eric Balabon, Elk River Police Department

Kasey Mol, CMMHC

Dan Bradley, Sherburne County Community Corrections

Mike Brueckner, Church of Hope

Melissa DeLisle, CMMHC

Molly Hanson, Elk River YMCA

Paul Hickerson, Becker Police Department

Victoria Holbert, Retired Resident

Amber Jochem, MN Adult and Teen Challenge

Amanda Larson called the meeting to order at approximately 9:05 a.m. Introductions were made.


Amanda requested review of the meeting minutes from February 15, 2017 meeting. Molly Hanson made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Dan Bradley. All were in favor.


Amanda asked for any additions or changes to the proposed agenda. Molly made a motion to approve the agenda as is, which was seconded by Roxanne Schreder. All were in favor.


Consent Agenda

Financial update was completed by Dan Bradley and Roxanne Schreder:

  • Of the current budget of $134,333.87, we have approximately $86,660.07 remaining in the grant.

  • Current in-kind donations documented through February 2017: $60,500.20.


Information Sharing/Agency Updates


MN Adult and Teen Challenge (Amber Jochem)

  • Stats to Solutions – Free Conference on May 11th in Brooklyn Park for professionals and $15 for Continuing Education Credits (Information shared via the SUP agenda)


Central Minnesota Mental Health Center (Chad Rhoads)

  • March and April a busy month for mental health calls

  • Adult psychiatry services have been available in Elk River for about one month now


TXT4Life (Molly Wiemann)

  • Molly is the new coordinator for TXT4Life

  • 1 in 3 individuals that die by suicide have ATOD in their systems


Elk River YMCA (Molly Hanson)

  • Molly inquired about meeting space in the Elk River area to host a Mental Health First Aid Training for adults through Fairview. Space would need to seat 20 – 30 individuals from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

  • Journey to Freedom, a youth betterment series that addresses ATOD issues among many others, will be starting in June at the YMCA.  Age specific to 16 – 21 years old.  More information to come.


Community Corrections (Dan Bradley) and ERPD (Eric Balabon)

  • Have been hearing a lot about marijuana from clients

  • Eric stated Xanax and fentanyl type overdoses are still being seen in the Elk River area, but it has decreased some lately


House Cleaning Items (Alicia Klepsa)

  • Other Side of Cannabis will be shown from 6:30-7:30 pm with a panel discussion afterwards

    • Big Lake High School: April 13th

    • Spectrum High School in Elk River: April 27th

  • Coalition Involvement Agreements (CIA)

    • Please hand in or send to Alicia – this is an annual form to complete

    • Please check the box for the photo release if you agree to that on the form as well

  • Coalition Meeting Survey – will be sent out after the meeting.  Please fill out by March 27th to reevaluate meeting logistics. This is an annual survey.


Minnesota Student Survey 2016 Data (Alicia Klepsa)


Alicia presented MSS data from 2013 and 2016 via a PowerPoint presentation. The coalition used 2013 MSS data as our baseline.


Two items of interest include:

  • E-cigarettes are used more frequently by youth.  Many are charged with possession of a tobacco device.

  • LGBTQ need more resources provided to them


Discussion on what drugs should be focused on in the future was had, including an emphasis on specific prescription drugs as a topic.

  • What types

  • Education with concerns on mixing drugs

  • What is out there?  Many are used for depression, anxiety, or ADHD

  • Pill usage and parental monitoring of their youth’s use

  • Currently, mainly have the Rx drop off boxes as a target

    • How to get the information out to the community

    • Have a doctor present on education for Rx prescriptions (anyone know of someone that can fulfill this role?)


Sticker Shock (Dan Bradley)

  • Focus during Memorial weekend and graduation/grad parties this spring and summer

  • Discussion was had on the language for the sticker and bottle hanger and any changes that were deemed necessary. Alicia will have our graphic consultant provide samples of the updated options.

  • May be able to use on posters or a billboard

    • Save $3,000. Don’t supply alcohol to underage…

    • Help Us: Don’t provide alcohol to us, anyone under 21

    • Suggestion was to use adult focus groups to see what would be most impactful

  • We need volunteers to contact local retailers. Please let Alicia know if you are interested in doing so.


County Compliance Check Policy

  • Tabled due to lack of available meeting time to review.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 19th at 9:00 a.m. in the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center.

Alicia Klepsa, SUP Coalition Coordinator

Amanda Larson, Sherburne County HHS

Darrell Skog, Spectrum Schools

Marsha Reinking, RSVP Volunteer

Roxanne Schreder, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Pim, Sherburne County Attorney’s Office

Chad Rhoads, CMMHC

Kara Zoller, Sherburne County HHS

Molly Wiemann, TXT4Life, CMMHC

Minutes from previous coalition meetings are available upon request.
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