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SUP Coalition Meeting Minutes


Sherburne County Substance Use Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2016

9:00 a.m.

Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center


Coalition Members Present: 

Amanda Larson, Sherburne County Health & Human Services

Amanda Martin, Sherburne County Health & Human Services

Tom Sterneman, Refuge – An Evangelical Free Church

Jenilee Telander, Regional Prevention Coordinator

Luke Schwartz-Moretti, APRN, Fairview

Francine Kosse, Fairview Behavioral Health Services

Roxanne Schreder, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office

Angie Charboneau-Folch, Big Lake High School

Marsha Reinking, RSVP

Danielle Gessell, Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office


Amanda Larson called the meeting to order at approximately 9:00 a.m. Introductions were made.


Amanda Larson asked if everyone had a chance to review the minutes from the November 16, 2016 meeting. Roxanne Schreder made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Dan Bradley. All were in favor.


Amanda Larson asked for any additions or changes to the proposed agenda. Francine Kosse made a motion to approve the agenda, which was seconded by Luke Schwartz-Moretti. All were in favor.


Consent Agenda

Financial update was completed by Dan Bradley:

  • Of the current budget of $134,333.87, we have $115,602.26 remaining.

  • Current in-kind donations documented: ~$23,100.

Dan reminded everyone to send their output logs to Roxanne.


Information Sharing/Agency Updates

Francine mentioned the Youth Leadership Council event at Pizza Ranch for the Elk River School District. All four schools (Zimmerman, Elk River, Rogers, and Ivan Sand) were represented at the meeting. Alicia advised that 45 students and adults were present at the meeting, including students from Big Lake, Becker, and Spectrum. The purpose of the event was to gauge student interest in establishing student groups at their school and begin planning a district- and community-wide event. Ideas included a “black out” day to signify how many youth have died from alcohol or heroin and to create a Snapchat account for all students to use to share the positive things they are doing. Francine noted that Ivan Sand has three students interested in starting a youth group. Next steps are to have student groups meet at their respective schools and plan an event.


Vote for Finance Chair

Judy Johnson has decided to step down from this position. Tom Sterneman nominated Angie Charboneau-Folch, which Molly Hanson seconded, and all were in favor. Angie accepted the nomination.


Adult Outreach Campaign

Alicia talked about filming the five videos for the campaign. Three will be ready early next week. They will be presented at Elk River Rotary next week. The others will be done in early January. The plan is to launch the campaign starting in February. The overall campaign is intended to reach parents, guardians, and other caring adults. “Talk Early, Talk Often” was proposed as a title for the campaign. All agreed this was a good title.


In addition to the videos, posters will be distributed to areas businesses, billboard(s) will be purchased, and promotional products will be given at community events with similar messaging. We are also working with Marcus Elk River Cinema to get the videos played during previews. Each video is about 2-4 minutes long. These videos will be shared through other various ways like social media, websites, and listservs.


Alicia talked about ordering promotional products and asked for suggestions. Alicia showed a few ideas – shopping list magnet, water bottles, bags…other suggestions were coffee mugs, chip clips, pizza cutters, keychains, bleacher cushions, ice scrapers, and mobile chargers.


Poster distribution – Alicia advised they would be about 11x17 and asked for thoughts on distribution to area businesses. It was suggested to use community bulletin boards, color ad in local papers, medical clinics, coffee shops, salons, school text blasts, and billboards (Community Blueprint will be doing design). Franklin Outdoor Advertising will do two billboards for the price of one so there will need to be discussion if designs should be the same or different. Volunteers will be needed to distribute posters. Please contact Alicia if interested. 


Families First Sherburne County

Angie provided a recap of the last Families First Sherburne County meeting. They talked about having a spring film event geared towards parents where they could show a film on the topic of chemical use, potentially youth marijuana use. Two films suggested were Chasing the Dragon and The Other Side of Cannabis. Chasing the Dragon is available for free on YouTube and The Other Side of Cannabis would need to be purchased. Alicia asked for feedback from those that had watched the films and asked those who planned to watch them to share feedback with her through email or at the next meeting.


It was suggested to have an anonymous question box at the beginning of the event and then have an answer session after the film ends. Roxanne suggested allowing questions to be submitted prior to the event as well.


Member Recruitment Activity

The brainstorming session continued from where we left off at the last meeting. Alicia asked that members try to make contact by our January 18th meeting to report out what the outcome was. 


The next Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training (SAPST) will be held on March 21-24 in St. Cloud. Upon completion of the training, participants receive a certificate that they can submit to become a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP). The coalition would cover the cost of registration. Let Alicia know if you are interested.  


On January 19, Kanabec County will be hosting a Developmental Assets Workshop at the Kanabec County Jail Training Room. Let Alicia know if you are interested. 


The regular meeting was adjourned at 10:25 a.m.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 18 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center.

Paul Hickerson, Becker Police Department

Alicia Klepsa, SUP Coalition Coordinator

Molly Hanson, Elk River YMCA

Dan Bradley, Sherburne County Probation

Eric Balabon, Elk River Police Department

Victoria Holbert, Retired Resident

Chad Rhoads, CMMHC

Kasey Blomberg, CMMHC

Kelline Gremsperger, Resident

Minutes from previous coalition meetings are available upon request.
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