For Parents: The Developing Brain

NIDA Scientist Dr. Ruben Baler, explains the differences between an adult brain and an adolescent brain, and shares his knowledge on the biggest risks that youth face. Dr. Baler also provides tips for how parents can do their best to keep their teens healthy and safe.

For Teens: Teen Brain Development

Help young people understand how drug use can impact brain development. This video, narrated by a real teen, explains brain development and encourages teens to make healthy choices to help properly “code” their own brains.

Early-Intervention Parents: What Was Learned

Have you ever wondered what struggles other parents or caregivers of teens encounter when dealing with drugs and alcohol today? With vaping on the rise, the legalization of marijuana spreading across the country, and the influence of social media, we were curious as to how parents deal with these new challenges facing their families. To get a handle on what parents are facing and how they are responding, we recently conducted eight focus groups across the country with a diverse set of parents of 11- to 16-year-olds. Some were certain that their kids had never used substances, while others suspected that their kids might be drinking or using other drugs. Our conversations were wide-ranging an

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