Online Safety Guide for Parents

Although the MOMO Challenge is [somewhat] old news, it’s important to note that new challenges are arising on the internet all the time. This guide was created by National Online Safety to raise awareness of the issue and offer advice on helping parents to talk to their children about making safer decisions online.

Need to Get Your Child Help for Substance Use? Start By Getting an Assessment

If your son or daughter has recently made the decision to seek treatment for their substance use, it’s a huge milestone for both of you — but it can be difficult to know where to start. While you may feel happy and hopeful that your child wants help, the steps to getting there may seem overwhelming, and the treatment options may seem endless. The following information will guide you through the initial steps of getting your child into treatment suited to his or her particular circumstances. The first thing your child will need to get is a substance use assessment. While treatment programs for drug or alcohol use are often portrayed as ‘one-size-fits-all,’ this is far from the truth. There ar

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