Anxiety in School: How Parents Can Help

Most teens get a little anxious about starting school. A certain amount of school-related anxiety is normal for adolescents. But when nervousness crosses over into full-fledged anxiety in school, teens need extra support. Anxiety disorders in teenagers is increasingly common among adolescents. In fact, about 25 percent of American teens between the ages of 13 and 18 are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at some point. Therefore, parents need to know how to recognize the difference between an anxiety disorder and normal levels of anxiety in school. Back-to-School Anxiety—or a Teen Anxiety Disorder? There is a significant difference between temporary anxiety over school and an anxiety disorde

Parent Alert! Your Kid May Be Vaping More Than Tobacco

The parent company of the Juul (pictured), a vape pen for tobacco use, also manufactures a popular marijuana pen-and-pod device called the Pax Era. But tech-savvy teens are also learning how to refill their Juul pods with different blends, including marijuana oils. (Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images) "By now, many parents know kids are vaping sweet-smelling tobacco — often using devices that look deceptively like pens or flash drives. And most parents are hip to the prevalence of underage marijuana use. Now comes a combo of the two: vaping pot. Experts and educators say young people are — once again — one step ahead of the adults in their lives, experimenting with this ne

Crash Facts: Motorcycles

2018 Motorcycle Riding Season Preliminary Statistics ​ There have been 41 motorcyclists killed in 39 crashes so far in 2018. There were 53 motorcyclists killed in 52 crashes in 2017. 2018 Rider Deaths Statistics Helmet use 30 riders were not wearing a helmet. 10 riders were wearing a helmet. Helmet use is still pending for 1 of the recent crashes. Single-vehicle crashes vs. Multi-vehicle crashes 23 of the crashes involved only the motorcycle 16 of the crashes involved a motorcycle and another vehicle Motorcycle vs. animal 5 crashes involved the rider colliding with an animal. Passengers killed 2 passengers have died in a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle License Endorsement 28 of the operators ha

Don't Let Summer be a Buzz Kill With a DWI

Don't Let Summer be a Buzz Kill With a DWI Extra DWI Enforcement Aug. 17 - Sept. 2 ​Long drives, scenic bike rides and evening walks. They are all part of summer in Minnesota, but if you’re an impaired driver, pedestrian or bicyclist, your summer days may abruptly end. That’s why officers, deputies and troopers from more than 300 agencies will be working extra DWI enforcement shifts starting August 17 and running through September 2. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides the overtime funds with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety coordinating the extra enforcement and education effort. Summer Buzz Kill Crashes involving alcohol continue to

Said No Teen Ever

Do you know what to say to a young person in trouble? Across the country, one in five young people lives with a mental health or substance use challenge, yet few reach out for support. That’s why it’s so important we all know how to recognize and respond when a young person may be in need. Help share the newest PSA developed by Mental Health First Aid USA, “Said No Teen Ever,” because there are signs that tell us when a young person might be suffering, but it’s up to us to know what to say and how to help. You can also share four additional PSAs to highlight mental health challenges that young people experience every day like anxiety, depression, eating disorders and self-harm. Source

8 Ways to Have a Healthier School Year

Switching gears from summer relaxation to a demanding school-year schedule can be somewhat of a shock for the whole family. Helping your child get off to the best possible start each year takes a whole lot of organization, and a little bit of luck—but a few simple steps can make a big difference all year long. 1. Plan for Sleep Success No kid wants to turn in at a reasonable hour after a long, lazy summer of staying up later than usual. But research continually points to the importance of sleep to a child's health and academic success. For example, one recent study presented at a meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies showed that teenagers who have adequate sleep get better g

Juuling: Cigarettes for the Next Generation

"Juuls: the latest e-cigarettes. The growth in popularity of this handheld electronic device throughout Marin County has been deemed as a cool trend. However, before you decide to purchase or smoke one, you should understand what exactly you are putting into your body. Let’s start at the beginning — what exactly is a Juul? Pax Labs, the device’s creator based out of San Francisco, describes it as an “intensely satisfying closed-system vapor experience.” The Juul can be physically broken down into two pieces: the shell and the pod. The shell is made of aluminum encasing a Lithium ion battery, a circuit board, and a pressure sensor. The other piece is the replaceable pod, which comes in many f

Update Your Workplace Program

You’re ready to create a recovery friendly workplace—but where to start? Learn about simple steps you can take, from updating policies to re-evaluating drug testing methods. Below are just some examples of the resources available at Shatter Proof.


"I am really excited to write this week’s Tech Talk Tuesday because it is on a subject I care deeply about--documentaries. I am a firm believer that exposing our children and adolescents to films that promote a deeper understanding of our world and instill empathy is key to offsetting the negative values shown in so many shows. Last year I wrote a list of documentaries that are great for family movie night and the list was so popular that I have decided to do it again. All the films below were thoroughly enjoyed by my family. Some of these documentaries came out a while back but they are still as relevant and engaging as when they were first released." Films to watch with children and teens

Mental Health at School

Share these infographics with your networks to spread information on the mental health challenges youth are facing in schools today, and how you can #BeTheDifference by supporting a young person experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge. Source: Mental Health First Aid USA

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