Reasons Teens Use

Here are some of the reasons young people give for using drugs, and some ideas about how you can respond to them in a constructive way. “Someone had some and I just thought I’d try it” Express your concern and ask them about their decision. Ask if they knew what they were taking, you can then talk about some of the side effects of that particular drug. Ask whether it was what they expected, and talk about the risks of further use. Try and find out if they felt pressured. If so, you can discuss better ways for them to handle a similar situation in the future. Consider using examples of times when you have had to deal with a similar situation. “I always wanted to try that stuff” Ask what made

DREAM Team PSA - Dangers of Vaping

Listen as two DREAM Teamers explain the dangers of vaping. SAFER does not make it SAFE. For now, we do not know if using e-cigs is a safe and helpful way to quit smoking, so using e-cigs is not recommended. There are other proven, safe, and effective methods for quitting smoking. Explore the options to find a quit method that’s right for you at [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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