Fall Dream Fest

Over 100 Becker High School students enjoyed free food, games and beautiful weather at the Dream Team Fall Kickoff last Saturday at Kolbinger Park. The Dream (Drug Related Education Awareness Mentors) Team is a student group that supports teens who choose to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol. The Becker Community Center donated the use of Kolbinger Park as well as many indoor and outdoor games to show support for and to partner with the Dream Team. The team was founded during the summer of 2015 by students Megan Peterson, Rachael Tauer and Macy Eigen, along with parent advisors, Heather Eigen and Mike Tauer and Assistant Principal Mark Kolbinger. The program is part of the Sherburne Count

How to Foster School Connectiveness

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a national study of 36,000 7th to 12th grade students. School connectedness was indicated as the strongest factor for both boys and girls in preventing substance abuse, violence and absenteeism. School connectedness was the second-most important factor (after family) in helping students avoid suicide, emotional problems and eating disorders. Students who feel connected to their school are also more likely to have better academic achievement, including higher grades and test scores, have better school attendance, and stay in school longer. The CDC defines school connectedness as the belief held by students that adults and pee

What parents need to know about the risks of early alcohol and other drug use.

While many parents fear that their son or daughter might experiment with alcohol and other drugs, the risks may be worse than they thought. Research tells us there are serious risks associated with use, and the younger a person is when he or she starts to drink or use other drugs, the more likely he or she is to not only engage in harmful behaviors but to also develop addiction later in life. It starts with what's available. For the most part, adolescents who use drugs begin with substances that are easy to obtain. Readily available and inexpensive, alcohol tends to be the first drug kids try—and the age of first use is trending younger. In 2013, the Monitoring the Future survey reported tha

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