Coalition Spotlight: Meet SUP Coalition Chair, Amanda Larson

Planner with Sherburne County's HHS Member since 2013 Q: What excites you about the SUP Coalition and its work? A: I have a personal and professional commitment to helping build a healthy community where I live and work. A healthy community starts with healthy youth. I hope to bring my skills as a grant writer, program evaluator, and planner to strengthen the work of the SUP Coalition. Q: How & why would you encourage other people in the community to support the efforts of the SUP Coalition? A: Mental and chemical health does not get the attention it deserves in society. It remains highly stigmatized, and access to services for these issues is not readily accessible. Any work we can do in

SAFE Squad Pledge

Substance and Alcohol Free Everyday "SAFE" Squad at Big Lake held a pledge event during lunch on 03/29 and 03/30 asking students to sign their pledge to be drug and alcohol free. They received about 224 student signatures!

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